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Korean Festival :
Jungyang day- A festive day in SEPTEMBER(In Asian Calendar)

Juk byouk do()
Chosun Dynasty, Anonymous
Korean Ancient Landscape Painting
What season is most beautiful season in Korea?
Do you know? Generally, Koreans answer, "Autumn is most beautiful season!" In Korea, every months there are many festive days which are enjoy during month or season. CLICK ASIA would like to introduce a certain festive day - Jungyang day which takes place in the Autumn.
Jungyang day-in other words, Jungguday - is on the 9th of SEP. in Asian calendar year.
This day take place on the 9th as well as in the 9th in the month. Jungyang day, this year was on Oct. 4th, 2003.

In Korea, People have thought when a day lies on an odd number twice, it is considered a good fortune, this was thought for many generations. So most Korean festive dates are on odd number days.-An example of these festive days, during the Asian calendar years are "Dan-O" which is on 5th of May and "Chil-suk" which on 7th of July.

For Koreans, "Jungyang day"is considered the change of seasons. Jungyang day is important for Koreans. This day is not considered as a big holiday as "Chusuk", but is recognizes as a important day. On Jungyang day, the mountains, are ablaze with beautiful autumn tints from all the Maple trees. And, From late autumn, winter to spring, wild geese flock to Korea. Swallows which live in Korea from spring to summer leave for a warmer climate. Mosquitoes flourish throughout the Summer month but slowly disappear around the time of Jungyang day. During this time, snakes and frogs prepare for the coming of winter.
Jungyang day is a final finale of a beautiful, rich season. Autumn slowly prepares as winter awakes from a long slumber.

It has been a custom for many years during Jungyang day that Koreans decorated their homes with maple leaves and often hike up mountains to taking in the beautiful scenery, refreshing themselves with a wine made from chrysanthemum, this is a time for Nature being at it's best.
Also, the chrysanthemum wine is often giving as a present to friends during this joyous occasion. Besides the chrysanthemum wine, many families cook a grilled food made with chrysanthemum.

Dishes made from Chrysanthemum.
Firstly, You must knead sticky rice powder with hot water.
Secondly, taking the sticky powder you made from 'the first' step, and make a flat, round shape.
Then finally decorate the sticky powder with chrysanthemum petals.
Then, you are really to start grilling. YUM...YUM....

Nowadays, many people say that Jungyang day is not such an important day for Koreans. But, I still think Most Koreans enjoy this festive day. Why? Because in September , according to the Asian calendar year, Many Korean climb mountain for the enjoyment of the scenery of the mountain sides being ablaze with autumnal tints from the trees. This time of the year brings many good feelings to one another especially to close ones.
I guess this is a bit different from the original meaning. But, no matter this day is carried on as a traditional festive day.

During Asian calendar year of September, the maples and chrysanthemums come into full bloom. Imagine! Decorate your dinner table with maples leaves and used them as settings..... And hiking up mountains or hills, relaxing on enjoying a drink of refreshing, sweet chrysanthemum wine as well as special prepared dishes made from chrysanthemums and.................................
Personally I think Jungyang day means a day of enjoyment and appreciating Autumn's beauty...... What do you think?
Korean take Autumn to the heart finding the inner beauty of Nature at it's purest..... Koreans always appreciate beauty at it's simplest form.

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