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Korean Food for Hanshik :
The Meaning of Hanshik Food and how to make......

There is a lot to eat on Korean holidays. If you are on a diet, it will be very difficult to avoid the temptation to all the delicious dishes. Ttok, meat fritters, dried persimmons, a variety of, walnut, dates, vegetables, traditional cookies, etc. Really exquisite foods.

Ssook ttok(Green rice cake)
In a grinder put glutinous rice powder and soft ssook leaves. Grind. Mix well. Put on a "siru" and cook well. To make different layers put "pat" or ground sweet red beans on top of each layer.
Ssook tang(Ssook soup)
Boil water. Add soy bean paste and salt. Put seafood (shelled). Wash carefully the ssookk and add to the soup. At the end add the slices of green onion. Serve hot.
Ssook Danzza(Ssook dumpling-like rice cake)
ICook the glutinous rice powder in a steam cooker and mix the ssook well beaten while hot. Make a flat layer. Put a mix of "pat" or ground sweet red bean mixed with honey. Roll. Cut in small pieces. Wet the hands with honey and make small dumpling-like pieces. Roll over white sweet bean powder.

Instructions to make Ssook Danzza(Ssook dumpling-like rice cake):
Cooking instructions cooking time approx. 1 hour

Glutinous rice powder 9 cups
Ssook 50 g
Soy bean powder 1_2 cup
Ground chesnut 1_2 cup
White sweet bean powder 1_2 cup

1. select only the leaves of ssook. Cook softly in hot water with a little bit of salt and beat slightly.
2. Mix the previous 1. with glutinous rice powder with hot water and some salt . Cover with a wet cloth.
3. Take some of this mixture. Flatten. Cut in pieces of 1.5cm. Make little balls.
4. Boil this little balls in a pot with water. make sure to leave sufficient space among them.
5. Wait until they reach the bottom of the pot. Revolve with a wooden spoon. When they reach the surface take them out wash in cold water and drain completely.
Make sure the do not get stuck.
6. Place the soy bean powder , white sweet bean powder and ground chestnuts on separate dishes. Roll over the rice cake balls. To roll over the chestnut powder, wet the balls with honey.

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